Semi Automted Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

Mispa Viva, true semi- automated clinical chemistry analyzer is a symbol of superior technology and convenience, designed to deliver high accuracy, quality results with least turnaround time and low maintenance.

  • PC Compatibility 
  • DMAX Technology 
  • EMF (energy Matched filter) 
  • Direct Access Key to the test menu 
  • ERA Flow cell with  Copper flow cell holder - Auto temperature maintenance
  • ALD Function - Ensure extended life for the lamp & power saving
  • Aspiration air gap and Auto Empty Function - No more worries on carry over
  • Incomparable memory 
  • Dual Power supply - Smooth & convenient work flow
  • Direct switch off

Photometric principle

  • All Clinical Chemistry 

Q:    What is ERA flow cell, how different is this from other flow cells supplied in other brands of semiauto analyzers?
A:    ERA means Enhanced Resistive Aluminium flow cell.  It specifically designed to protect from breakage. More than this clear circular glass window ensures clear light passage for accurate and reproducible result.

Q:  What is the benefit of ALD function?
A:    ALD means Auto Lamp Dim function. User can select sleep mode for the instrument   and this power saving feature ensures extended life for the lamp ~2000hrs.
 Q:  What is DMAX technology?
A:    DMax is a innovative technology first time in semi auto analyzers to avoids rerun. In DMax , if the sample concentration is higher than the reagent linearity then instead of 60 sec interval, rate of change will be calculated between 20 sec.

Q:  In what way memory storage /retrieval system is reliable in Mispa Viva?
A:    Mispa Viva is Reliable due to its high storage capacity of 5000 sample results.

Q:  In what way QC memory storage /retrieval system is helping quality reporting?
A:    QC statistics are displayed with Levy Jennings control chart with Westgard's algorithm. So user can easily do QC analysis and can ensure accuracy of the test result.

Q:  What are the benefits of PC compatibility?
A:    Special D sub cable is provided as a standard accessory to Mispa Viva. This enables easy connection to the PC, programming, QC analysis and reporting thus become easier.

Q:  What will be the carry over in Mispa Viva?
A:    Special functions like Aspiration air gap of 50uL and auto empty function after each sample testing rule out carry over in Mispa Viva.

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